Living Faith (What it means to believe)

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Living Faith (What it means to believe)
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TEXTS: Genesis 1:26; Romans 10:10; Mark 11:23

WORD STUDY: The words BREATH Genesis 2:7 is the Hebrew Word {Heb. Rauch}. This means breath, wind or spirit, and is translated “Holy Spirit” many times in the Old Testament. God is a Spirit and He took something of Himself, which is spirit, and put it into man. The minute He did that, man became a living soul. Animals do have a soul because the soul is the mind, will and emotions, but it is not based on the ‘rauch’ [Spirit of God]. Therefore, animal soul is not supported by the eternal Spirit of God. This is why animals cannot exercise belief, nor live eternally. Once dead, they are gone. But humans possess eternal spirit that continues to live even after we depart our body in death. Scriptural belief is centered on the spirit of man, not on his soul.

INTRODUCTION: The word “heart” does not refer to the human physical organ of the body. You could not believe with your physical heart any more than you could believe with your physical hand and finger. The Word “heart” is used to convey a thought. Notice how we use the word “heart” today. We talk about the heart of a tree. What do we mean? We mean the centre, the very core. We talk about the heart of a subject. What do we mean? We mean the most important part of that subject-the very centre of it-the main part of it around which the rest revolves. When God speaks of the human heart, he is speaking about the main part of man; the very centre of man’s being, which is his spirit. Man is a spirit; he has a soul; and he lives in a body.


Ø  The hidden man of the heart is the Real man– I Peter 3:4

Ø  The hidden man of the heart is the spirit of man that has the capacity to connect with God

Ø  God is a Spirit and created man in His image (spirit)

Ø  Man is made in the image and likeness of God – Genesis 1:26

Ø  The spirit of man is also referred to as the inward Man-Romans 7:22



Ø  The real man is a spirit; he has a soul and he lives in a body-1Thess.5:23

Ø  God cannot be contacted with our mind and body but with our spirit

Ø  Only the Holy Spirit can unveil the Word of God to the spirit of man

Ø  The Word of God is to the spirit of man what natural food is to the body of man



Ø  To have faith means to believe with the spirit-the inward man-Romans 10:10

Ø  Believing with your heart is believing independent of your sense knowledge

Ø  To walk by faith means the Word of God has to be superior to everything else in our lives

Ø  “God delights in his children stepping out over the aching void with nothing underneath their feet but the Word of God”-Dr. Lilian Yeoman 

Written by Dr. Godwin Ude

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