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Transformation Christian Centre (TCC) is a fully registered Charity in Canada, non-denominational, multi-cultural and Spirit-led assembly devoted to Transformational Discipleship and helping members become the best of what God designed them to be. This is made possible by connecting willing members of our community with the transforming power of Christ!

TCC is the hub of Transformation Ministries Worldwide which is a multi-faceted global movement focused on empowering communities, offering Personal Mentoring, Professional Christian counseling, Family Life Education, Wellness Education and Market-Place Ministries!

TCC is unapologetically Christo-centric, and the Gospel of the Kingdom is our message. We are committed to the assignment: to know Jesus and make Him known and worshipped as the LORD and Saviour; and also helping our local and online communities worship Him in spirit and truth wherever they may be. Our services are Christ-centred and Spirit-empowered; hence unusual miracles are normal occurrences in all our meetings!

We believe that miracles still happen and change is possible! Regardless of where you are at the moment, we believe that God wants you to move ahead in life victoriously. He wants to bring healing to your body, soul and spirit; and transform you into a change-agent that will help others experience Total Transformation in their lives!

We welcome you to browse our website and if you live near our meeting place, you are welcome to fellowship with us.

We love you in the Lord and we are looking forward to communicating and fellowshipping with you!